well it’s about time…

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now, and I am excited that it is finally getting started.

I love cooking. I was raised in a wonderful Southern family where food was the center of family gatherings, dinner was a place to connect and special recipes were a part of my pedigree.  And while I will never be able to take a chicken from clucking to fried like my great-grandmother, I think one of the great things I have learned from cooking with my family is that  it’s not so much the science (ok well sometimes it is – like when my aunt and I accidently put self-rising flour instead of regular in those brownies…) it’s more about enjoying making it and eating it.  Which is my favorite part :)

So the point of this blog is to show that you can make delicious, healthy food even if you are on a (really) tight budget.  Seriously, you do not have to eat ramen noodles ever again.  Believe me, I am a grad student and have no money for stupid fancy ingredients.  When I can, I will try to post the cost of each dish, although my grocery prices here in Texas may differ from yours. This part is a delusion that anyone who isn’t related to me will actually read this.  Don’t burst my bubble.

One drawback of being a member of a family where most everyone is a great cook and loves food is that it is hard not to become pleasantly plump.  It’s still pleasant, though right? :) But I have to say my mom did a great job of incorporating veggies into our plates, and now both of us really try to make things that are good and good for you.  Which is really the point of food, essentially.

Also, I have a pretty short attention span, so I rarely ever make anything that takes more than 30 minutes of active prep time.  I mean, sometimes it’s fun to try your hand at making homemade bagels, but have I invested another 2 1/2 hours of my life into that again? Nope.  So the idea is yummy, healthy food, fast and cheap.

my kitchenSo I think it probably goes without saying that I also don’t have a bunch of fancy kitchen tools and gadgets.  My boyfriend Jared, who is also a wonderful cook, likes to joke that everything in my kitchen is miniature.  Which, unfortunately is true.  My kitchen is teeny tiny but I love it, and I am really excited to share great food with you! – hg



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