A Change of Pace

Well, it’s been a while, I know. I guess fortunately for me there are only two people I know of that have read the blog up to this point and they know about all the craziness going on.
To make a long story short, Jared and I hated living in the city and hated our jobs. We needed something different. But with the way the economy is, our bank accounts didn’t really support some of the best plans we thought of. So we both moved in with our respective gracious parents, who, fortunately for us, only live about an hour away from each other.
My parents happen to live in a small town not far from the Texas coast, and they have a cute house with a nice big kitchen. So my culinary experiments will be continuing, and now with better equipment and space! However, the delicious and cheap part won’t change.
But while we are on the subject of change, I am taking this as an opportunity to make some other positive changes. I finished graduate school two weeks ago and now feel like I have some time to devote to other things. Number one: fit into the lovely bridesmaid dress I will be wearing at my best friend’s wedding in May. Yes, it’s… snug. As are lots of my clothes, so something has to give. So you, my invisible and likely non-existent audience, shall be my accountability!
So even though I am going to try my hand at making homemade bread later today (some is for a Christmas gift, ok??) let me say that I did work out this morning, so I am allowed to bake!


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