Summer Happenings!

We have had quite an eventful summer.  I actually can hardly believe it’s already August!  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday it was April (then other times I feel like we have been engaged forever and I get really impatient, ha!).  Considering how quickly July went by since we were so busy, I imagine our wedding will be here before I know it.

Since pictures are fun, I have a few to show all the cool stuff we’ve been up to.

First is an action shot from Haley and Scott’s wedding back in May.  Haley looked so gorgeous, of course, and the weekend was super fun.  I spent some time earlier that week with my grandparents, and then bunked at the Farr’s for the wedding weekend.  If you know any of the Farr’s, you know this was a good choice.Graves' WeddingNotice how short my dress is?  It was super cute, and I didn’t really think anything of the length until wearing it in the Lubbock wind.  Quite a few people saw my spanx.  Fortunately, most of the bride’s side was either related to me or had known me since birth, so it wasn’t a big deal, just funny.  Sorry, Haley.  You totally have permission to show your undies at our wedding.

Here’s a photo from the rehearsal that really sums up how awesome we are:We're awesomeAt the end of June we made a quick trip up to Dallas to pick up our washer and dryer, which had been left with Leah.  Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures that weekend :( but it was great to see lots of our friends, although we didn’t have time to see everyone :(.  What I considered the funniest part of the weekend was Chae and Dylan’s “Asian-off”.  It was a completely politically incorrect, hilarious impromptu acting competition.  I wish I had filmed it.  Also funny (not to Jared….) was the fact that I thought he and I could carry the w&d from Leah’s apartment to the truck by ourselves without a dolly.  Ha.  Thank the Lord for Dylan.  By the way, Jared bought a dolly at Harbor Freight last week so that situation would never happen again.

July 4th wasn’t too exciting, but we ate a lot of delicious food, so that was a good day in my book.  Jared meets lots of people working at Enterprise, and one person that I am glad he met is Michael B.  Michael B owns a fantastic BBQ place in the ghetto of Corpus.  It’s called Michael B’s BBQ and their slogan is “Eatin’ Good in the ‘Hood”.  Everything about that slogan is true, haha!  So for lunch on July 4th we went to chow down on some good ol’ American BBQ – we felt it was our civic duty.

yummmmmmYes, that shiny stuff on Jared’s fingers is some delicious pork fat.  Mmmm.  We got the 3-meat platter with brisket, pork ribs, and chicken.  It was awesome.

Pigs are best when smokedThose are some perfectly smoked ribs.  Delicious.  Also, one plate was enough for both of us to be stuffed.  Michael B’s house tea is also like a homemade Arnold Palmer, and the sauce is a delicious mix of Memphis and Kansas City styles.  So next time you visit CC, be sure and check this place out, it’s legit.

Mom and I drove what felt like 3000 miles to Lubbock for a shower hosted by my lovely cousin and matron of honor, Cally.  It was so great to see everyone from that neck of the woods.  All the hostesses were so wonderful.  And our hostess’ gift was this AWESOME set of Analon cookware.  I can’t wait to try it out!!!  Such an awesome step up from the crappy cookware we both had.

At the end of July was Nate and Kristina’s wedding in Comfort.  It was HOTTTTTT but we had a lot of fun.  We joked a lot about “guava” since that was the official name of the pink the wedding party was wearing.  My nails even ended up matching Jared’s vest, which was unintentional:guava!I thought Jared looked pretty dapper.  The Kerrville HS group is always a blast to hang with – it’s basically a constant joke.  We all laughed a lot.  I don’t really feel bad about having two pieces of cake, either, because we danced a lot.  It’s fun to dance with a group where no one judges your obvious lack of dancing skill.

Of course, Kristina looked gorgeous.the coupleOverall, our summer has been great.  We’ve squeezed a lot in there!  We have another shower this weekend, then another one next weekend, then we are finishing up moving into our new place, then it will only be three weeks ’til the wedding!!  Phew!  I am really looking forward to a quiet fall, actually.  What have you all been up to this summer?  I’d love to hear about it!


4 thoughts on “Summer Happenings!

  1. Wow you have been busy! I’m glad you have a dolly to move heavy appliances and have a new fun BBQ place to eat at. I have not been as busy as you mostly getting back to baking and trying to stay out of the heat lol

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