A Bit of Reflection & Holly Being Sappy

Two posts in one week – I know.  You can go ahead and be impressed.

Lately I’ve been reflecting quite a bit – I think it’s just because I’m getting excited about our wedding and the realization is hitting me that this is a pretty big moment in our lives.

Have you ever thought about chains of events?  I do; in fact, I think it’s kinda entertaining to think about how mundane choices can make a difference.  I got to thinking the other day about the choices that led me to Jared.  What really struck me was how God used even my worst choices to move me closer to His plan for my life.  And personally, that’s a relief to me, because I have made plenty of bad choices.  However, for the first time I am really at peace with them.

I used to be pretty hard on myself – “why did you stay in that terrible relationship with _____?!”, “why didn’t you stick it out at that awful job longer?”, “why did you react that way to _____?!” – but now I see more of the big picture, and let me tell ya, the big picture is pretty awesome.  This is completely because of God, not myself.  Obviously I tend to mess things up on my own :).  But lucky for me (and you, unless you happen to be perfect) God took even my worst moments and worked them into something beautiful and led me to the man that I know He had planned for me all along.  I know He does this in other areas of my life as well, and it’s comforting to know that while I still have free will and I make my own choices, God can create something amazing out of them and bless me beyond what I ever could have done on my own.

So as you are going through your week, take a minute to be thankful for the blessings God has brought out of the ashes for you, and have hope in the bad situations, because I promise God has something better just around the corner.

I can’t wait to see how God will keep moving in our lives as we move forward as a family, and I can’t wait to hear about your blessings as well.

– H


2 thoughts on “A Bit of Reflection & Holly Being Sappy

  1. Two posts in a week I am impressed and inspired! I don’t think it’s sappy to be grateful for how things have turned out. I have been thinking about how blessed I am lately, especially with work, it’s amazing the difference a year can make! Like you I see God using my not so great decisions to get me to places that I could not have even imagined a few years ago. Even using the rotten things for good, I’m thankful for them now because I’m a better person for going through them…..now I’m getting sappy ok ;)

    • Well I am just trying to write shorter posts so I can get more in and also I am embracing the “scheduled post” option. That way I can write two at once and set one to publish later! I had some issues following floating thru fields – I thought I had it set up to email me when you post, but I apparently missed some :( Hopefully it’s fixed now!

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