That Gotye Song

So I was pretty indifferent towards that Gotye song “Somebody That I Used to Know” until recently.  I mean, I thought it was catchy and all, but also thought it was incredibly whiny and it reminded me of the way one of my ex-boyfriends acted when we broke up.  Ugh.

Anyway, the Internet totally redeemed this song for me.  Now, it is catchy and hilarious.  These are my two favorite memes making fun of “that Gotye song”.

1. Fan-made music video.  Hilarious.

2. Gotye + Olympics

(photo borrowed from

Anyone else love to make fun of Gotye?


One thought on “That Gotye Song

  1. lol I was not sure about the song at first my coworker showed me the original video ……and I thought it was a little strange but then I started hearing it on the radio and started to like it and then they did it on glee and now they won’t stop playing it on the radio lol

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