Three Things I’m Going to Eat After This Wedding Diet is Over

Hi y’all.  Let me just begin this post by saying that I have been really good on my diet for several weeks.  Truly.  Even on my cheat days (because when someone makes cookies and orders chocolate petit fours for your bridal shower, you pretty much have to eat one.  I know, it’s tough) I have been able to practice some pretty good portion control.  And during the week, I’ve been doing awesome.  But it’s beginning to wear me down a little.  Sometimes I just really want something laden with butter and refined sugar, ok??  I know it’s bad for me, but in moderation, I don’t have a problem with it.  Unless I’m on a crazy, don’t-want-to-think-about-that-cinnamon-roll-every-time-I-look-at-our-wedding-photos diet.  Which I’m sure I won’t, but still – that’s where my bridezilla head is these days. (I think this happens to everyone….?)

Whoa.  That paragraph got a little crazy.  I think the lack of carbs is affecting my brain.  That and the fact my stress level is totally at an 11 right about now.

So anyway, I’m not planning on letting myself go after the wedding, and I’m going to keep going to personal training, but I am also going to indulge a little.  I trolled my pinterest food board this morning and was actually kinda surprised that there weren’t a ton of crazy-unhealthy things on it.  But here are three that are.  And I am going to make them after the wedding, because I will be able to enjoy every single bite without guilt.  For now we can just drool over the photos together.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Frosting {photo and recipe from here}

Oh pumpkin.  I love you.  You are one of my favorite things about fall.  And you have some fiber, right?  Right.

Baked Nutella Swirl Doughnuts {photo and recipe from here}

Nutella.  I don’t care how everyone in the blogosphere says you’re so unhealthy.  We both know everyone loves to eat you with a spoon.  If using a homemade doughnut as a vehicle makes me more ladylike, all the better.

Sweet Potato Biscuits {photo and recipe from here}

Dear sweet potato biscuits, we don’t have to tell anyone that the last time I made you I ate almost the whole batch by myself.  Let’s just remember how awesome you were with savory and sweet things.  And I haven’t forgotten how you made me feel like the epitome of a good Southern lady, making my own homemade biscuits with sweet potatoes.  Next thing you know I’m gonna be making a ball gown out of drapes to make all my exes jealous.

Someone please eat some comfort food for me.  Clearly I’m going slightly nuts…


4 thoughts on “Three Things I’m Going to Eat After This Wedding Diet is Over

  1. OK well I’m kinda surprised pumpkin cinnamon rolls and sweet potato biscuits, I’ve never heard of such things?! They do sound a little better than just straight flour versions……you are almost to the finish line :)

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