Fall Trends I Want to Try

I love Fall.  The weather is great (usually), good tv comes back, Pinterest explodes into a pumpkin-fiesta, and fashion trends become much more wearable for the regular working gal.  Sorry, I meant office-working gal.  Summer fashion trends generally cater to that other kind of working girl.

Side note while we are on the subject of pumpkin:  many of you have asked me if I have made any of the items from this post since our wedding.  The answer so far is no, but don’t worry, I have eaten lots of unhealthy things :)  We are actually trying to be good at our house now, with the occasional cheat-day (like Sunday, when we indulged in some delicious Olive Garden courtesy of the wedding gift card from the lovely Linney family).  However, to appease you my dears, I think I might make the pumpkin cinnamon rolls this weekend.  I’ll let you know.


Back to Fall stuff.  If any of you follow me on Pinterest, you probably think that I am just some little crafting fatty, because the majority of my pins are usually recipes and craft ideas with the occasional home remedy or decorating idea thrown in.  But I do really like to scroll through the hair and beauty category and the women’s fashion category, I just rarely repin.  But one thing that has really intrigued me is the ridiculous amount of nail art.  Seriously, some of these people must have a third hand.  Usually they are way to crazy for me to even think about wearing at work (where I may or may not have to make a conscious effort to not look like a student….) but a fellow blog-friend Holly J had this post on her blog and it really really made me want to try some nail art.  So here is some nail art with a few other Fall trends I am thinking about:

Subtle Nail Art

I love this mani from Crystal’s Crazy Combos.  I think it’s definitely one I can rock at work.

pretty mani


One thing I like about fall is that jewel-tones are always back in stores, because jewel-tones compliment my coloring much better than most other combos.  My closet is always filled with dark purples, turquoise and raspberry.  This year though, I am really loving camel.  I’m almost certain these pants might be mine by the end of the weekend, since they are on a ridiculous sale right now at Old Navy (one of the only places that makes jeans for all of us no-butt girls out there):ON pantsI also really love this sweater from J. Crew, but we won’t even talk about how much it doesn’t fit in my clothes budget right now.  (Let’s just say I’d be more likely to fit into a size 0)j crew sweaterAnimal Print

Yeah, I was surprised too.  Usually I leave the leopard stuff to girls with much bigger hair than me, but there are some great options that are a little more muted, like this cute cardigan from Old Navy (plus those camel pants and a solid color blouse??  very pretty):leopard cardiganAnd of course Target has some cute leopard ballet flats:

leopard flatsThose just beg to be worn with purple or royal blue (see?  I really love jewel-tones).

Printed Blouses

I like prints, but I find that being frugal often makes me stick with solid separates.  But this top from Target is low key and perfect for work (and those camel pants! ):polka dotsLooks like I might need to go shopping this weekend….  What trends are you trying?  Hating?


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