My Absolute Biggest Pet Peeve

What I am about to discuss is something that truly appalls me.


If you live in the United States and have successfully finished the seventh grade, you should know how to spell and correctly use basic grammar. I’m sorry, that is just an absolute fact. Even so, when I read Facebook I usually come across at least one post with spelling that makes me feel like this:extremely upset

I know what some of you are thinking. “Wow. No reason to get all upset, geez. Spelling isn’t that big of a deal.”


Listen up, pacifists. Regardless of how “mean” you think it may be, many people base their perception of your intelligence on your spelling. Sorry. It’s the truth. Have you ever had to sort through resumes at work? Did you know that having a misspelled word on your resume almost always damns it to the proverbial ’round file’? Now, I know that there are many people who are quite intelligent and have trouble with spelling. But it’s ok because we have two magical tools at our fingertips in this world: 1. automatic spell-check and 2. Google. That’s right. You never have to be victim to an unfortunate misspelling again! But these two things require a bit of effort to work best, which is where my real issue comes in. You see, what upsets me is that I greatly suspect the rampant abuse of the English language is caused by laziness. All I ask is that you take a moment to look at what you have written. You are communicating with another human being. When your text messages are so poorly spelled that reading them is like deciphering a code, it’s the equivalent of you spraying spit on me throughout our conversation.

“But Holly,” you say, “text messaging is different. It’s just faster to use all those cute little shortcuts.” Nope. Not anymore. For those of you born after 1995, there was once a time, long, long ago, when texting was laborious and cost 10 cents per message. There were only 9 keys to hold all 26 letters of the alphabet. Hence, being the resourceful creatures we are, we came up with some nifty abbreviations, some of which have been added to our modern slang. I’m totally on board with LOL and BTW. I can deal with RU and TTYL. But that’s it. I can hear you scoffing. But come on. Almost every phone these days has a full keyboard of some sort, and Apple has figured out how to teach our phones to recognize words we use frequently and automatically fill them in (this will never cease to amaze me!). So I think we can all agree that texting full words and sentences is not too difficult.

Sorry, my little rant is almost over, I promise.

In some countries, being literate is considered something of enormous value. We are fortunate in the US to take being taught how to read and write for granted. Take some pride in what you write and say!

Feel free to hate on me below, but be warned, I will correct your spelling.


2 thoughts on “My Absolute Biggest Pet Peeve

  1. Haha! Well, I’d just like to say that Google posts video ads on your blog and the one I happen to see as I read this post has a man wearing a shirt that says APPsolutely fabulous. I guess that’s more of a play on words but still a misspelling none the less ;)

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