Weekend Project: Operation Pantry

Hello everyone.  First off, sorry about the ridiculous bout of negativity in my last post.  No more rants.  I was, in fact, racked with guilt for posting something so negative and unproductive.  Plus, I’m sure many of you noticed that there was a spelling error in the post – karma?  Yes.

So today I have something that is positive and hopefully helpful, or at least inspires you to organize something at your nest.

Our pantry is teeny.  Well, sort of.  It’s very narrow, but it is actually quite deep.  This caused all sorts of problems, though, because I had to dig through layers to find anything and not being able to see what was buried in the back kept me from having an accurate idea of the inventory I was working with.  Digging through the pantry was making me crazy, and after a few weeks of cramming food in haphazardly I couldn’t take it anymore.  Here’s a picture of the chaos:The chaos of our unorganized pantry

Disastrous.  See how things are just shoved in??  It was awful.  You wouldn’t even believe there are canned goods in there.

So on Saturday, I decided to take action.  After a little research, brainstorming, and a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Walmart, we ended up with the following (which I should have photographed, but I forgot, so here are some photos courtesy of the fine people at BB&B):

1. A nifty plastic ‘stair step’ rack for cansstair step rack for cans

2. Over-the-door organizer (probably the best choice we made!)Similar to the one we purchased

3. A rack with sliding adjustable shelves (actually designed for under the sink, but worked well to utilize all the wasted vertical space above the top shelf)with adjustable shelves4. These nifty stacking metal baskets (we got two)stacking basketsWe also found a plate rack that had been in Husband’s old apartment and a little basket for small seasoning packets.

We started by taking everything out.  This took forever!  And I found some sandwich thins that I had purchased long ago and were miraculously not molded.  There must be some intense preservatives in there.  When taking everything out, I sorted it into groups to make putting everything back easier.  With the organizing expertise of Husband, I think this project turned out great!

The paper goods shelf at the bottom actually got even better after this photo was taken.  But you wouldn’t believe this is the same amount of stuff, would you?  The door rack was probably the best idea we had.  Moving those items out made it easier to organize everything on the shelves.

organized cans

Here’s a close up of the canned goods shelf.  The racks we used were great because they utilized all the vertical space and made the depth not as much of a problem.  Now we actually know what is in the back of the pantry!  You can also see the rack on the top shelf where we keep things that come in bags or boxes, like granola bars and chips.  The stacking baskets are perfect for bread items.  We also had some great plastic cereal holders, which save a lot of space.  I used a coupon last week for BOGO on boxes of Raisin Bran, and one of these cereal holders was large enough for both boxes!

I’m really happy with how this turned out.  Now we just need to tackle the guest bedroom/office/storage room, which is a complete nightmare at the moment.  Do you have any spaces that need an organization overhaul?  Any organizing successes?


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