My Enchiladas That Might Someday be Famous

One of the best things about Texas is TexMex.  This isn’t really something that can be explained in words, you just have to experience it.  Like having beignets in New Orleans.  Or crepes in France.

Side note – TexMex might be part of the reason Texas usually ranks pretty high on those “fattest cities/states in America”… but I don’t want to speculate.  We’re all just fat’n’happy.

Anyway, I love enchiladas.  LOVE.  I created this recipe when I was in college – I don’t remember any reason other than the fact that I love enchiladas.  Maybe because I was too poor to go get them from a restaurant?  Probably.  I’ve been making this for years, though.enchiladas

Be warned, these aren’t technically traditional TexMex enchiladas.  For one thing, they are green chili based with a green sauce, and they are made with flour tortillas instead of corn.  The chili thing is because I love green chilies and when you write your own recipe you get to use ingredients you love, so calm down.  If you want chili con carne, make up your own recipe.  Ok.  The tortilla change is because I am kinda lazy.  For corn tortillas to really taste their best and roll well, you really need to give them a quick fry.  And that is too much work for me and makes a big mess.  And I would probably burn myself.

But I promise, these enchiladas are really, really good and they come together really quickly.

Sidenote:  in the interest of stretching our grocery budget, I bought blocks of cheese and shredded what I needed.  I have a great food processor, but this always happens:cheese balls

Why???  I don’t know how to prevent this.  And I guess it isn’t really important, but something in me wants the texture of all the shredded cheese to be the same, no crazy cheese balls floating around.  Anyway, back to the enchiladas.

Here is everything you will need to get these babies on the table and into your stomach:The ingredients

This time, I used some leftover rotisserie chicken.  In the past I have used breast meat cooked in a skillet and cut into chunks, boiled chicken that I shredded, and when I was feeling really lazy or poor, canned chicken (drain it, of course).  You would actually be surprised at how this recipe elevates the humble canned chicken.

You will also need a can of green chilies, some shredded cheese, tortillas, a can of green chili enchilada sauce, and sour cream/plain Greek yogurt.

***A note here about my use of yogurt – I am obsessed with Greek yogurt right now.  It is one of those rare things that is delicious with a lovely texture that is also really good for you.  I’ve been subbing the plain stuff for sour cream for a while now, and hubby doesn’t even know the difference, even on a baked potato.  If you haven’t tried Greek yogurt, stop reading and go get some now – plain drizzled with some honey is heavenly.  Now, for this recipe I haven’t ever subbed regular yogurt – I think it would be way too watery, so use sour cream if you are out of the Greek stuff.

Back to the enchiladas.  Again.

So first, make your filling.  Dump your chicken, a can of green chilies, a generous dollop of sour cream/yogurt, a handful of cheese (if you are scoffing at just one handful here, don’t worry, we will be adding more cheese later), and a little salt and pepper into a bowl.

Stir it all together until nicely combined.

Now to the rolling!

First, make sure your casserole dish is greased.  Believe me, this is important.   

Hold a tortilla in one hand and gently spoon some of your filling onto it, then roll it up and place in your baking dish, seam-side down.  Be careful not to over-fill your tortillas.  they should be about 2″-3″ in diameter after you roll them up.  Continue rolling, lining up your enchiladas, until you run out of filling.

When all the enchiladas are nicely lined up in the pan, it’s time for the hardest step.

Open your can of enchilada sauce and pour it over the enchiladas.   I know, that was challenging. Now it’s time for the real cheese action.  Grab a couple of handfuls and go to town.  Sadly, I am a little more reserved with the cheese than I once was, due to being lame and grown up and thinking about heart disease and fatness.  But you do what feels right for you.

At this point, you can either stick these in the fridge until you are ready to cook (which is nice and convenient), or you can go ahead and put them in a 400 degree oven until the cheese is nice and bubbly and browned.  This usually takes about 15 minutes or so.  Then just let them cool for as long as you can stand it, and dig in.

No true TexMex meal is complete without rice and beans, although my rice is from a pouch and is definitely cheating.

So what are your favorite regional foods?


5 thoughts on “My Enchiladas That Might Someday be Famous

  1. My grandmother used to make the best chicken and dumplings. I can still remember walking into her kitchen and seeing hundreds of them spread across every available table and counter space.

  2. This looks so good. Mexican use to be one of my favorite types of cuisines. I haven’t made it much since I’ve tried to cut out dairy, but I may have to try a vegan version of this.

    • I will admit, I could never give up dairy. It is probably my favorite food group, ha!
      Firm tofu marinated with the canned green chilies and then baked would be delicious by itself! Let me know if you do try a vegan version of these!

  3. Wow you are really making want to cook more. I think you should do a post on your go to meal when you are completely exhausted and unmotivated to cook because I bet it is still delicious with less effort that’s what I’m looking for ;)
    This looks good too though……I am often experimenting with my knock off Chipotle bowl recipe and Italian experiments anything with garlic ;)

    • Hmmm. I would say my go-to meal when I am too tired to cook is probably stir fry. Those bags of frozen stir-fry veggies are my friend. The snap-pea variety is my favorite. I’ve never thought about posting on it because it is so easy it might make for a boring post, ha! When you perfect the Chipotle bowl you should post it!

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