Hooray for the 90’s

After all the craziness we’ve endured with it being an election year, I have thought more than once how great it was when I was a kid and understood nothing of politics.  **Let me state here that I strive to be an educated voter and I appreciate the blessing of living in a democratic republic.**  But just take a minute and remember how awesome it was when you were a kid and didn’t have to worry about any of “The Issues”.  Heck, I didn’t even know what “The Issues” were back then.  And it was awesome.

So, I was pretty cool in the 90’s.  I faithfully watched Full House every day and carried my Little Mermaid backpack with pride.  I had a collection of Lisa Frank pencils that came with erasers shaped like pretty neon animals that I would have never dreamed of using to erase anything.  My grandmother permed my hair on a regular basis, and once, I even made the horrible decision to perm my eyebrow-length bangs.

Me, probably around 1995-1997. Permed bangs and all.

I wore out my cassette tape Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and Amy Grant albums working on choreographed roller-blade dances (the skates you see above were the predecessors of my awesome roller blades that I got on my eleventh birthday).  I loved school and only remember thinking about the T.A.A.S. test once a year.  In third grade, our teacher took the students who had successfully learned their multiplication tables and passed all the multiplication tests that week to Dairy Queen for a cone.  I memorized Spice Girl dances with my new junior high friends and thought the Backstreet Boys were the best thing to happen to music ever.  I had one friend who was a ‘bad girl type’ who wore safety pins as earrings and dyed her hair with Kool Aid and I thought she was awesome.  I was allowed to ride my bike all over the neighborhood and got upset when it rained in the summer time because all the fun things to do were outside, other than Legos of course. 

As you can see above, I made some pretty awesome fashion choices back in the 90’s.  And the more photos of myself I see from the 90’s, the more I think, wow, hipsters just pulled out their old stuff from the 90’s.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this picture from the mid-90’s of me and two of my cousins: (wait – most hipsters were born in the 90’s??  Gag.)

Clearly I had a signature pose.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a hipster walking along wearing that dress I am sporting (but of course with some tights and ankle boots) and those sandals are actually pretty cute!  My cousin Jessica is rocking some sweet ruffles and some pink high waist shorts, a definite hipster fave.  My cousin Bradley’s truck t-shirt would probably go for $30 at Urban Outfitters these days, not to mention those red shorts – maybe lengthened to a skinny jean length.  I don’t know about those hats Jess and I are wearing.  I do know that I loved that cap and wore it all. the. time.  I like how Jess is wearing hers gangsta low.

My husband was also pretty ballin’ in the 90’s, from what I’ve heard.  Here is some photo evidence:

Will Smith was his fashion icon

Clearly he was into cool caps as well.

As an adult I know that there were some pretty sad things going on in the world during the 90’s, but as a kid growing up in the middle class in Texas I will always remember them as a golden era.  Maybe everyone feels that way about the decade they were a kid.  I hope so.

Did you love the 90’s?  I hope you also had a hat or bow with a giant fake flower on it.  Happy Monday!


One thought on “Hooray for the 90’s

  1. Wow I had a similar sweater to the one in your first picture, I loved my Amy Grant tapes too!
    I has a bear that had a hat with the fake flower ooo man that’s awesome!

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