Black Friday and Seeing Red [and Green]

I did Black Friday this year.

Well, sorta.  I went to one store.  And I was only out and about for one hour.  But I think that is really some sort of Black Friday miracle feat.  My American Christmas consumerism guardian angel was watching over me and my wallet.

Here’s how it went down: I knew I wanted to get Husband a nice watch for Christmas.  He’s been hinting about it for a long time.  That man has a mild obsession with dress watches.  When we went to pick out our wedding bands he was practically drooling over the watch case.  Anyway, I wanted something really nice for him, and we decided our Christmas budget for each other this year was $200, so I really had something to work with.  Enter Black Friday.  Kohl’s had Men’s Bulova watches on a ridiculous sale; some were 75% off!  I inwardly rejoiced.

So off I went at midnight.  I thought to myself, This is a relatively small city we live in, and our Kohl’s is off the beaten path – there won’t be hundreds of people in line!  I’ll just show up about 30 minutes before the store opens and I’ll be good to go.

False.  I wish I had taken a picture.  The line stretched around the corner to the other side of the strip mall.  I discovered stores I didn’t even know were there.  My hopes started to deflate a bit.

But then I thought, Oh come on!  Not every frantic woman in this line wants a men’s watch!  Right?  Surely.  The circular was at least 10 pages of deals!  Maybe they are buying toys.  Or small kitchen appliances.  Wait.  How many people are even in this line??  How big is this store?  Is the fire marshal going to show up and say that there are too many people in the store??  But I stayed in the line.

However, I will say that Kohl’s has this Black Friday thing down to a science.  I guess they should, but I was still pleasantly surprised.  They ushered us through the doors like cattle, but it was relatively calm chaos inside.  I jogged walked to the jewelry counter and was told to take a number.  I was number 11.  Not bad, I thought.  There cannot be ten people in here that want the same thing I do.  But as Mr. Number 7 snatched up the watch I was eyeing, I got nervous.  However, they did eventually call my number, and I got a beautiful watch at a fantastic deal.  Here’s a picture from Bulova:ImageNice, right?? In real life the face looks a little more navy blue.  Normally $300, and I got it for $160.  I know.  Plus, I don’t know if any of you have experience with Kohl’s cash, but I got $45 which I used last weekend toward some new dress shoes for Husband to wear to work.

So if you are going to take one nugget of wisdom from this post, let it be this: pay at the jewelry counter.  I chose my watch, they boxed it up, I paid, and that was that.  Done within 15 minutes of being in the store.  So I stuck my new treasure in my bag and decided to see what the other deals where about.  I mean, I was at the store already.  As I was perusing some nice ties toward the back of the store, I notice that everyone in the aisle was standing in an orderly queue.  Then I realized the unthinkable and asked a woman in the line, “Um, is this the line to check out???” she nodded with a sigh that said, Yes, smartypants, I know I’m gonna be here until 2:00 am waiting to check out.  So of course I forgot the ties and beelined it outta there, watch in hand.  I was home in bed – with the watch safely hidden in the one place I knew Husband would never, ever look: the plastic tub full of wedding stuff in our guest room – by 12:45 am.  Black Friday madness once again conquered!

Usually buying the first Christmas gift of the season really gets me into the Christmas mood, but I just wasn’t feeling it this year.  I’m not sure why – it could be because I was getting sick.  Later that weekend we pulled out Christmas decorations and got a new tree.  I lost steam after putting up the tree, so the rest of the decorating has been a slow process.  Even though I’m still working on making the rest of the apartment festive, our tree looks pretty good:


How is your Christmas decorating going?  Did you brave the Black Friday masses this year?


2 thoughts on “Black Friday and Seeing Red [and Green]

  1. Wow that’s awesome! The girls at work are really into watches too, but I guess there’s a little more happening in women’s watches, still I am amazed at their fervent desire for pretty watches. I went Black Friday shopping too but this time I slept in and went @ 9 am which is the first year in some time that I have slept in. It wasn’t too crowded at all it seemed just like a normal day, though I didn’t dare go to Kohl’s I’ve waited in that long line and I didn’t need anything bad enough this year. I did most of my ordering online which has made it fun and easier. I must say your Christmas tree picture is beautiful and looks like it should be in a magazine!! I will start decorating this weekend. I like to have a mini break between Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

  2. My fam and I are not doing gifts this year, but my boyfriend and I have a vintage silver Christmas tree that I’m pretty excited to put up. Plus I am planning to make tons of cookies and OD on holiday films.

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