Our Other New Year’s Resolution

Good morning!

So if you read my last post you know that I, like everyone else in America, has a weight-loss-related New Year’s resolution.  It is going pretty well so far, but slow going ha!  I’ve lost three pounds.  Which always reminds me of Regina George from Mean Girls.reginageorgeAnyway, we have another really exciting resolution – Husband and I decided that we are going to buy a house this year!  Yay!!  We didn’t really want to move into an apartment after we got married, but since we had relocated from Dallas and got new jobs we weren’t able to qualify for a mortgage just yet. :(  But we knew it was something that we wanted in the near future, so it’s always been in the back of our minds.

So the best thing about this resolution is that it has moved forward much more quickly than the success of my diet.  We are already pre-approved and have found a house that we really want!  We are planning on putting in an offer soon!  The whole process is a little crazy, but also exciting.  Fortunately for us, Texas has a fairly low cost of living and we had a good number of houses to choose from in our price range.  Here’s the craziest part – with the oil boom going on around here, rent is pretty inflated.  We will actually be paying significantly less for our mortgage than we currently pay in rent.  Which is good, because we wanted a fixer-upper, and we will need a little cash to do some projects we want to tackle.

Hopefully soon I will be posting that we are homeowners!!  Once we are, of course I will post lots of pictures.  The house we are currently hoping to get looks pretty ugly on the inside at the moment (read: gold living room) but I know we can transform it.  I’m excited to share the process with you all!!

What are other goals you have for the year that aren’t health related?  Anyone else considering jumping into the real estate market?


One thought on “Our Other New Year’s Resolution

  1. LOL I love your mean girls picture :)
    I’m really excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see all the DIY post for home projects. I’m really want to work on cleaning out the house room by room. Being more deliberate in how I choose to spend my time and also planning fun mini vacations, and planning a more in depth vacation.

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