Taco Pizza and Weight-Loss Contest Update. And Yes, Those are Oxymorons.

Hi everyone!  I am in a vicious circle with the blog, I think.  On one hand, I want to have great photos, because I have the knowledge and equipment to make great photos happen.  On  the other hand, I want to post frequently.  Unfortunately both of those things can’t happen right now.  Sigh.  So I have decided it is better to post more often at this point.  Maybe someday I will also have nice photos, but for now, please enjoy the mediocre to terrible iPhone photography.

It’s funny that I had planned on posting this recipe for Taco Pizza when I made it last week, because another blog that I really love recently posted her version of Taco Pizza this week!  (Click here to visit her awesome cooking blog )Divine inspiration?  Perhaps.  ;)  While we are on the subject of the Divine, I’m basically certain that in heaven we will all be eating pizza and tacos.  And taco pizza.


Yum.  If this picture wasn’t ridiculously blurry, your mouth would be watering.  Anyway, this is a recipe that is really straightforward and of course super simple to change up to suit your tastes.

Here’s how Husband and I made it:

I didn’t have a batch of homemade pizza crust in the fridge on this particular day (see that super simple and yummy recipe here) so I just grabbed a Pillsbury pizza crust at the store.  No matter what kind of crust you decide on, pre-bake it for about 10 minutes before topping.  This step gives you a nice crispy crust and makes sure you don’t have any soggy middles.

Meanwhile, brown some meat (if you want meat on your pizza – I think Taco Pizza would also be a delicious vegetarian dinner) and season accordingly.  I added a healthy 2 tablespoons of cumin, some garlic, onion, and a splash of cayenne.


Slight side note – recently my local HEB had ground beef on a nice sale, so I got a 2.5 lb package for pretty cheap.  On a Saturday I browned the beef with about three pounds of ground turkey.  I drained it all really well but didn’t season it.  After it cooled, I separated it into six quart-sized freezer bags and froze them.  Let me tell you – that was the most time-saving idea I had in ages.  It is so nice to have a pre-portioned, pre-cooked bag of ground meat ready to go.  I just thaw it a bit by running the bag under hot water and breaking up the pieces with my hands, then throw into a skillet and season accordingly!  Try it out.

IMG_0576_1Anyway, back to Taco Pizza.  Once your crust is ready, spread it with some refried beans (fat free tastes exactly the same as regular!).

IMG_0578_1Sprinkle with your meat of choice and take a shaky photo because you are so hungry and ready to eat the deliciousness.  This is a great time to add other toppings as well.  I would have loaded this baby down with bell peppers and jalapenos at this point, but Husband doesn’t like those things.   We did add a bunch of picante sauce.

IMG_0579_1Then sprinkle cheese over the entire thing.  Don’t be shy.  Put the whole thing in the oven (the temperature will depend on your crust choice) and cook for about 10 minutes.  Or as long as you can stand to wait, whichever is sooner.

IMG_0582_1(Here’s how hungry we were – I forgot to even take a picture until this was all that was left.  Oops.)  After it is out of the oven and has cooled to the point where the melted cheese is no longer the temperature of lava, slice it up and top with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream, etc.

This stuff is seriously good.  As you can see, the two of us demolished an embarrassing amount in one sitting.

That is kinda a segway into the second part of this post; I need to update you all on the weight loss competition I am participating in!

I’m doing…. okay.  I lost three pounds, as reported, then I gained them back, then I lost two.  So I’m net -1.  Not good.  Anyway, I do have a full-body picture to go with my stats this time:


February 20, 2013

Height (why do I put this?? I really doubt it will change) – 5′ 7″

Weight – 174 lbs.

Body Fat % – I measured a couple weeks ago, but I forgot :(  I think it was 30%

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m trying to not worry too much about the number of pounds, just wanted to feel healthier and fit into my clothes better.

Anyone else have a New Year’s resolution that is slow going?


5 thoughts on “Taco Pizza and Weight-Loss Contest Update. And Yes, Those are Oxymorons.

  1. ok that is so cool you used beans for the “sauce” part! I’m proud of you for having a goal to be healthier and feel better. I have finally got to that point too, I am trying to cook more at home, only eat out and fun healthy places and avoid bad snacking that makes me feel lousy lol

  2. One resolution I had was to read more. So far I haven’t read anything new that hasn’t been related to work. Oy. And I LOVE books. That’s what’s bananas about it.

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