Yes, There Are Americans Under 40 Who Aren’t Democrats, Part 1

I know some people aren’t going to like this post.  But before we get going I should say right away that what really makes the United States great is that we can all have our own opinions and are free to express them as we wish.  If you don’t appreciate how meaningful that is, I ask you to take a moment to think about all the people in history and the present who did not and do not have such a luxury.  Many have given their lives for it.  So with that being said, if you don’t want to stick around to hear my opinion or discuss politics, I understand.  Next week you can come back and we will talk about paint colors (although those can sometimes be just as polarizing as politics, can’t they?).

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long while, but all the ridiculousness in the news lately has pushed it to the forefront of my mind.  I just find it so sickening that the media is making Benghazi into some sort of crazy GOP conspiracy theory.  Americans died and instead of accepting that their golden calf may indeed be tarnished, the media is focusing all their attention on making the ‘whistleblowers’ look ridiculous.  Can you even imagine what the mainstream media would have been saying if the Benghazi tragedy had happened during G. W. Bush’s administration?  It would have been ugly.

If you don’t believe that the mainstream media (Which are huge corporations by the way.  Gasp!!  Corporations?! It can’t be true – my beloved Dems hate corporations!!  They are all about helping the 99%!!) is biased toward Obama, just check out these two news stories I found this morning here and here.  In the second one, the ABC White House correspondent even has a telling Freudian slip when he states that the President “is on fire” (as in, ‘wow, he is totally on fire today, George!’) instead of “under fire.”  The sad part about this is that many people believe that the reports they see on TV and in the newspapers are clear-cut truth and refuse to think critically about what they are told, and the big companies are really good at making their opposition look stupid (anyone watched SNL in the last eight years??).

Honestly, the most impressive feat accomplished by the media and Obama’s campaign in the last ten years is the cultural indoctrination of the mantra,

It’s totally not cool to be a Republican.  They hate poor people and minorities and women, man.  They are just a bunch of fat old rich guys who say dumb stuff.  I mean c’mon – have you ever seen a Democrat on TV saying something dumb like that??

If you are curious how Obama won the elections, I would suggest it was partly because the opinion above was pumped liberally (pun!) into the 30-and-below demographic out of every available digital outlet.  I won’t get too much farther into that – if you are curious (as you should be if you fall into that category!) I highly recommend the book Obama Zombies by Jason Mattera.  It’s a quick read, very interesting and well researched.

 As a country we are doing ourselves and our children a disservice by not demanding equal representation of viewpoints in our news outlets.  Many young people don’t even realize there are political parties other than Republican or Democrat.  We are truly letting politics take away some freedoms that our ancestors worked hard to achieve, whether your family was around in the days of the Revolutionary War or whether they immigrated later, like mine.  I named this post Part 1 because maybe later I will talk about what I believe (and it doesn’t fall so clearly into a party line).  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a quote and a sincere wish that you do three things to celebrate your citizenship in our great country: 1. Take a moment to be truly grateful that you are free to guide your own life and destiny, 2. Help another person in some way today, and 3. Pray for those who lead our country to be filled with humility, wisdom, and love for every citizen of this country.

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” – Benjamin Franklin


4 thoughts on “Yes, There Are Americans Under 40 Who Aren’t Democrats, Part 1

  1. I wish we could be more understanding and do what’s best for the country together, I don’t know when things got so over the top and crazy but I’m praying things get better. I’d really love to hear more on your thought in part 2 :)

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