House Progress and the Reality of Moving

So we have been working our little booties off on our house for the last two weeks.  My knees and [weirdly enough] my ankles are crazy sore from all the hours spent painting, doing trim work, and moving we’ve done in the last ten days.  I don’t really know why my ankles are sore – that’s so strange to me.  Maybe because of all the up and down off the floor when I was working on the baseboards?  I don’t know.

Anyway, I do have a few pictures of some of the progress we made painting, so I will share!IMG_0941This is our living room before we painted the walls, after we painted the ceilings.  We ended up painting the ceilings in every room (except the hall, kitchen, and bathroom because those rooms will be made over later) and it made such a huge difference!  If you are wavering on whether you should paint your ceilings – do it!  It instantly brightens and makes a room feel cleaner.


IMG_0956Here’s the living room post-paint.  I love this grey color!!  It’s Valspar ‘Montpelier Ashlar Gray’ (I am including paint names because I definitely Google image searched paint colors before deciding).


So here’s a terrible photo of our dining room – I took it in the early evening and the flash went off and ugh.  But I don’t want to leave it out.  We painted it a nice dark grey – Valspar ‘Mountain Smoke’.  The transition from the living room to the dining room worked out really well.

IMG_0954We used the same dark grey in the little entryway as well, and I’m so glad we did.  It really sets off that space.  As you can see, painting all the interior doors is on my to-do list.


This is the guest bedroom – we painted this nice blue – Valspar ‘Clothesline Fresh’ – in both bedrooms.  This pictures really shows how nice and crisp the freshly painted ceiling is.  And you know you love my ridiculously tiny clown fan.  ;)

I haven’t taken a ton of pictures just yet, but I will, don’t worry.  As I get rooms somewhat put together I will be more diligent with my photo-taking.  I’m really looking forward to getting a bona-fide house tour post up sometime in the future!

In the meantime, here’s what the reality of moving really looks like in our world:


We have too much stuff.  I have got to have a yard sale soon.  Husband’s OCD senses have been going bonkers in this mess.  Although it does look much better now – this was on Sunday morning after moving until about 7 pm on Saturday.

And this is how you move your kitchen stuff when you run out of boxes:


I had a ridiculous stash of HEB and Walmart sacks, so when we ran out of boxes, we moved in true redneck style.  I joked that we should start the Walmart Moving Company.  I know this isn’t ‘classy’ or whatever, but dang if it isn’t resourceful, right?!

I hate moving.  But it is still exciting, you know?  Tonight I have got to get our clothes put away – we were both lucky to find something to wear to work today.

Have you moved a lot?  I have.  Does anyone actually enjoy it?  Am I the only one who is surprised by the amount of dust and/or gross on your stuff and the place you are vacating?

Hope you all had a more relaxing Memorial Day weekend than we did!


2 thoughts on “House Progress and the Reality of Moving

  1. wow you guys were very busy I love the clothesline color and the gray looks great too.
    I’ve moved and cleaned enough to not have too much personal attachment to things the less to move the better lol

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