Fall Trends I Want to Try

I love Fall.  The weather is great (usually), good tv comes back, Pinterest explodes into a pumpkin-fiesta, and fashion trends become much more wearable for the regular working gal.  Sorry, I meant office-working gal.  Summer fashion trends generally cater to that other kind of working girl.

Side note while we are on the subject of pumpkin:  many of you have asked me if I have made any of the items from this post since our wedding.  The answer so far is no, but don’t worry, I have eaten lots of unhealthy things :)  We are actually trying to be good at our house now, with the occasional cheat-day (like Sunday, when we indulged in some delicious Olive Garden courtesy of the wedding gift card from the lovely Linney family).  However, to appease you my dears, I think I might make the pumpkin cinnamon rolls this weekend.  I’ll let you know.


Back to Fall stuff.  If any of you follow me on Pinterest, you probably think that I am just some little crafting fatty, because the majority of my pins are usually recipes and craft ideas with the occasional home remedy or decorating idea thrown in.  But I do really like to scroll through the hair and beauty category and the women’s fashion category, I just rarely repin.  But one thing that has really intrigued me is the ridiculous amount of nail art.  Seriously, some of these people must have a third hand.  Usually they are way to crazy for me to even think about wearing at work (where I may or may not have to make a conscious effort to not look like a student….) but a fellow blog-friend Holly J had this post on her blog and it really really made me want to try some nail art.  So here is some nail art with a few other Fall trends I am thinking about: Continue reading


The Polish Poll

So at the risk of sounding like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias, our official wedding colors are coral and green.  When I chose coral, I thought I was being descriptive about the shade of pink I had in mind.  Not so.  *sigh*

I know that I want my nails painted on our big day, and for some reason I am just not feeling the traditional, classy French manicure.  So I have been searching for the perfect shade of coral nail polish for a while now, with little success. Continue reading