Strawberry Lime Bars

Strawberry Lime Bars

I had some grand plans to make these pictures better with a little photoshop action before writing this post, but the urge to get it posted sooner won out.  Let me tell y’all – these were muy delicioso.  And pretty simple.  The hardest part is waiting for the dang things to chill so you can stuff your face. Continue reading


Mom’s Banana Nut Bread [in Muffin Form], or Solving Your Problem as a Chronic Banana-Waster

One thing we bought with our wedding gift gift-cards was this really cool fruit bowl that has a banana hanger.  Supposedly this is the best way to store bananas and they are supposed to magically last longer.  This is a semi-lie.  They were getting some serious age spots 5 days after green purchase.  Side note – I love bananas, but I can only enjoy them when they are still a little green.  When they are ripe enough that the peel leaves those little strings on the banana and you have to try to pull them off with your fingers and your hands get all banana-y, that makes me almost want to gag.  Sorry.  Tangent ended.

So on Saturday, I decided that these bananas were destined for something better.  Of course I could have made something really healthy, subbing the mashed banana for oil or something, but I decided instead to make my mom’s banana bread.  Mom’s banana bread is borderline-famous because it is delicious and she regularly makes it for sharing with others.  It’s just one of those great comfort food recipes that is worth making every once in a while.  So go get some bananas today and you can whip this up on Saturday.


The ingredients.  Notice the pecans – they are very important.  No, you cannot leave them out.  No, you cannot substitute walnuts; walnuts taste like dirt.  Ok, moving on. Continue reading

Three Things I’m Going to Eat After This Wedding Diet is Over

Hi y’all.  Let me just begin this post by saying that I have been really good on my diet for several weeks.  Truly.  Even on my cheat days (because when someone makes cookies and orders chocolate petit fours for your bridal shower, you pretty much have to eat one.  I know, it’s tough) I have been able to practice some pretty good portion control.  And during the week, I’ve been doing awesome.  But it’s beginning to wear me down a little.  Sometimes I just really want something laden with butter and refined sugar, ok??  I know it’s bad for me, but in moderation, I don’t have a problem with it.  Unless I’m on a crazy, don’t-want-to-think-about-that-cinnamon-roll-every-time-I-look-at-our-wedding-photos diet.  Which I’m sure I won’t, but still – that’s where my bridezilla head is these days. (I think this happens to everyone….?)

Whoa.  That paragraph got a little crazy.  I think the lack of carbs is affecting my brain.  That and the fact my stress level is totally at an 11 right about now.

So anyway, I’m not planning on letting myself go after the wedding, and I’m going to keep going to personal training, but I am also going to indulge a little.  I trolled my pinterest food board this morning and was actually kinda surprised that there weren’t a ton of crazy-unhealthy things on it.  But here are three that are.  And I am going to make them after the wedding, because I will be able to enjoy every single bite without guilt.  For now we can just drool over the photos together.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Frosting {photo and recipe from here}

Oh pumpkin.  I love you.  You are one of my favorite things about fall.  And you have some fiber, right?  Right. Continue reading

Coconut Poke Cake, a.k.a. Start Your Diet Next Week Cake

Hello all!

I’ve been hoarding these photos for a while – Mom actually made this cake for my birthday, which was quite a few months ago.  I took the pictures with the intention of blogging this recipe, and here it is four months later.  If procrastination was an Olympic sport I’d be heading off to my Wheaties box photo shoot.

This is a recipe from my Nini.  She actually called it Pina Colada Cake, but I feel like that name isn’t really the best because there is no pineapple anything in this cake.  But it is one of the most delicious, creamy coconut-ty  things EVER.  Just look at it.yummmm

Plus, it is super easy.  Really.  The only real problem is that you have to be patient enough to wait 24 hours before you can eat it.  And that’s pretty tough. Continue reading

Happy Pi[e] Day!

Hello all!  While math has certainly never been my favorite subject, I can get behind any celebration of flaky deliciousness filled with sugary happiness.

Cherry Cobbler

So for pi day, I thought I would share my recipe for pie crust. It’s super easy and as the name implies, it never fails.  Seriously, it is tough to mess this up.  Personally, I really think that homemade pie crust is always better than Pilsbury.  Also homemade pie crust is really cheap because you probably have everything laying around already, unless you aren’t a proper Southern lady and don’t have Crisco in your pantry. Continue reading