I’m Scared of Zombies. For Real.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!  I should have written this post yesterday I suppose, but I’ve had a bit of writers block lately.  But thanks to this post by another cool lady named Holly over on her fitness blog, I finally have a little seasonal blog-spiration.

So I have a serious obsession with the tv show The Walking Dead.  I love it.  It scares the pants off me.  And since hubby and I have gotten into the show, I have just had a general obsession with zombies.  In the past year or so I have watched almost every zombie movie I can find.  Jared is a good sport about it, because he enjoys them too.

Photo credit: mtnweekly.com

The weird thing is, I am seriously terrified of zombies.  But I CANT. STOP. WATCHING.  It’s a strange phenomenon.  Continue reading


The Niceness Conundrum

I have a huge problem with conflict.  I hate it.  Just the anticipation of conflict fills me with dread.  One reason for this is that my body decided somewhere along the line that it would physically manifest all strong emotions with uncontrollable tears.  This is most inconvenient in the case of anger or frustration.  I can’t just have a stern conversation with someone who is very upset with me without some darned tears filling my eyes.  This is so annoying. Especially when one is at work and does not want to appear 1. weak, 2. 15 years old, or 3. mentally unstable.

Another reason I fear conflict is that I genuinely hate upsetting other people.  I’m not going to claim I am some kind of saint and just don’t like hurting others, although that is part of the reason.  The real reason is that it is so uncomfortable for me to have someone upset with me.  I seriously can’t handle it.  It completely upsets my homeostasis and stresses me out.  Why is this?  I know plenty of people who are not cold-hearted who can just say, “Eh, I  made so-and-so mad the other day.  Oh well, she’ll get over it”.  Why can such a phrase never honestly pass my lips??  Am I doomed to forever be chained to the idea that I need to be perceived as “nice” by everyone?  Is this an unfortunate side effect of being raised Southern? Continue reading

Weekend Project: Operation Pantry

Hello everyone.  First off, sorry about the ridiculous bout of negativity in my last post.  No more rants.  I was, in fact, racked with guilt for posting something so negative and unproductive.  Plus, I’m sure many of you noticed that there was a spelling error in the post – karma?  Yes.

So today I have something that is positive and hopefully helpful, or at least inspires you to organize something at your nest.

Our pantry is teeny.  Well, sort of.  It’s very narrow, but it is actually quite deep.  This caused all sorts of problems, though, because I had to dig through layers to find anything and not being able to see what was buried in the back kept me from having an accurate idea of the inventory I was working with.  Digging through the pantry was making me crazy, and after a few weeks of cramming food in haphazardly I couldn’t take it anymore.  Here’s a picture of the chaos: Continue reading

My Absolute Biggest Pet Peeve

What I am about to discuss is something that truly appalls me.


If you live in the United States and have successfully finished the seventh grade, you should know how to spell and correctly use basic grammar. I’m sorry, that is just an absolute fact. Even so, when I read Facebook I usually come across at least one post with spelling that makes me feel like this:extremely upset

Continue reading

I’m a New Woman

Hi everyone!

Well, I’m back.  Not just back from our trip (which was great!!  I will post pictures soon.  Teaser – I totally climbed a mountain!), but I feel like I’m back to my normal self.  I’m no longer making meticulous to-do lists every time I have a spare moment.  I’m no longer tallying every single fat gram and calorie that passes my lips.  I’m no longer sending out mass texts regarding ties or shoes.  I’m no longer tanning.  I’m no longer obsessing about finding the perfect shade of coral.  And you know what?  It feels so great.

Plus, being married is awesome.  My brother gave us a really funny card that listed reasons why being married is great.  Most of them were hilarious because they were true.  One of my favorites was “There’s a 50-50 chance someone already unloaded the dishwasher.”  Lucky for me, Jared is super neat and tidy and I have a 75-25 chance he has already done the dishes.  Which is pretty awesome, because I hate doing dishes. Continue reading

Three Things I’m Going to Eat After This Wedding Diet is Over

Hi y’all.  Let me just begin this post by saying that I have been really good on my diet for several weeks.  Truly.  Even on my cheat days (because when someone makes cookies and orders chocolate petit fours for your bridal shower, you pretty much have to eat one.  I know, it’s tough) I have been able to practice some pretty good portion control.  And during the week, I’ve been doing awesome.  But it’s beginning to wear me down a little.  Sometimes I just really want something laden with butter and refined sugar, ok??  I know it’s bad for me, but in moderation, I don’t have a problem with it.  Unless I’m on a crazy, don’t-want-to-think-about-that-cinnamon-roll-every-time-I-look-at-our-wedding-photos diet.  Which I’m sure I won’t, but still – that’s where my bridezilla head is these days. (I think this happens to everyone….?)

Whoa.  That paragraph got a little crazy.  I think the lack of carbs is affecting my brain.  That and the fact my stress level is totally at an 11 right about now.

So anyway, I’m not planning on letting myself go after the wedding, and I’m going to keep going to personal training, but I am also going to indulge a little.  I trolled my pinterest food board this morning and was actually kinda surprised that there weren’t a ton of crazy-unhealthy things on it.  But here are three that are.  And I am going to make them after the wedding, because I will be able to enjoy every single bite without guilt.  For now we can just drool over the photos together.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Frosting {photo and recipe from here}

Oh pumpkin.  I love you.  You are one of my favorite things about fall.  And you have some fiber, right?  Right. Continue reading

The Polish Poll

So at the risk of sounding like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias, our official wedding colors are coral and green.  When I chose coral, I thought I was being descriptive about the shade of pink I had in mind.  Not so.  *sigh*

I know that I want my nails painted on our big day, and for some reason I am just not feeling the traditional, classy French manicure.  So I have been searching for the perfect shade of coral nail polish for a while now, with little success. Continue reading

A Bit of Reflection & Holly Being Sappy

Two posts in one week – I know.  You can go ahead and be impressed.

Lately I’ve been reflecting quite a bit – I think it’s just because I’m getting excited about our wedding and the realization is hitting me that this is a pretty big moment in our lives.

Have you ever thought about chains of events?  I do; in fact, I think it’s kinda entertaining to think about how mundane choices can make a difference.  I got to thinking the other day about the choices that led me to Jared.  What really struck me was how God used even my worst choices to move me closer to His plan for my life.  And personally, that’s a relief to me, because I have made plenty of bad choices.  However, for the first time I am really at peace with them. Continue reading

Summer Happenings!

We have had quite an eventful summer.  I actually can hardly believe it’s already August!  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday it was April (then other times I feel like we have been engaged forever and I get really impatient, ha!).  Considering how quickly July went by since we were so busy, I imagine our wedding will be here before I know it.

Since pictures are fun, I have a few to show all the cool stuff we’ve been up to.

First is an action shot from Haley and Scott’s wedding back in May.  Haley looked so gorgeous, of course, and the weekend was super fun.  I spent some time earlier that week with my grandparents, and then bunked at the Farr’s for the wedding weekend.  If you know any of the Farr’s, you know this was a good choice.Graves' WeddingNotice how short my dress is?  It was super cute, and I didn’t really think anything of the length until wearing it in the Lubbock wind.  Quite a few people saw my spanx.  Fortunately, most of the bride’s side was either related to me or had known me since birth, so it wasn’t a big deal, just funny.  Sorry, Haley.  You totally have permission to show your undies at our wedding. Continue reading