The $5 Dress, or Why Less is More When Cutting a Neckline

The finished product

So I made a dress for less than $5 back in May.  I feel like it was a success, however I was planning on being able to wear it to work but due to my over-zealous cutting of the neckline it falls off of my shoulders.  Which is cute, but not really work-appropriate.  Oh well, maybe with a sweater.  I think I will wear it on our trip up to Dallas next weekend anyway.

Here is some terrible self-photography of the finished product.  I will admit that it only looks good with a belt, but I have this great belt from UO that I don’t get to wear that often.

As I am writing this I am remembering all kinds of issues I had with this project, but my friend Kim from floating thru fields wanted me to post it.  She’s a much better seamstress than I.

I wouldn’t really call this post a tutorial – If I were to do it again I would do it differently, mostly because the way I finished the sleeves would probably make Tim Gunn slap me and confiscate my sewing machine. Continue reading


Don’t Choose a Button-Down Shirt for Your First Sewing Project

Well this wasn’t technically my first sewing project.  I’ve made many a pillow and curtain and even a few apparel items.  Just first in a long while (the fake pregnant belly I crafted for Halloween from an old pillow and a pair of tights doesn’t really count).

Simplicity's "Simply the Best" Sewing Book

I had been wanting to get back into some real sewing, especially since I was moving back in with my parents for a little while and my mom is quite skilled (more than she would admit).  I knew I would need some help.  So I asked for a sewing book for Christmas, and I got this lovely one from Simplicity. It’s great – it decodes some of the terms and techniques that patterns don’t always explain.  Because patterns can be uber-complicated sometimes.  I have a freakin’ masters degree and I had to read the instructions probably 40 times.

So I skipped off to Jo-Ann’s like Martha Stewart and picked up McCall’s M6512, three yards of blue rayon, interfacing, thread, and 10 matching buttons.  Yes, that should have been my first hint.  By the way, I had never sewn a buttonhole before.  Ever.  And here I am with a pattern that needs TEN buttons. Continue reading