Taco Pizza and Weight-Loss Contest Update. And Yes, Those are Oxymorons.

Hi everyone!  I am in a vicious circle with the blog, I think.  On one hand, I want to have great photos, because I have the knowledge and equipment to make great photos happen.  On  the other hand, I want to post frequently.  Unfortunately both of those things can’t happen right now.  Sigh.  So I have decided it is better to post more often at this point.  Maybe someday I will also have nice photos, but for now, please enjoy the mediocre to terrible iPhone photography.

It’s funny that I had planned on posting this recipe for Taco Pizza when I made it last week, because another blog that I really love recently posted her version of Taco Pizza this week!  (Click here to visit her awesome cooking blog )Divine inspiration?  Perhaps.  ;)  While we are on the subject of the Divine, I’m basically certain that in heaven we will all be eating pizza and tacos.  And taco pizza.


Yum.  If this picture wasn’t ridiculously blurry, your mouth would be watering.  Anyway, this is a recipe that is really straightforward and of course super simple to change up to suit your tastes.

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No, I Actually Didn’t Fall Off of the Earth

Hello, loves!  I hope you all had a fantastic holiday.  Maybe you noticed I took a holiday from blogging?  This was unintentional.  Do you ever find that the longer your break is, the more stuff you find to fill it with?  I was somewhat busy for the holidays, but I did get a good bit of r&r in too.  I just took a little unplanned hiatus from technology.  Well, except from my new Kindle Fire that Santa brought me.  And from the wii.  And the reason I was glued to the wii over Christmas break??Image

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